365 Project: The importance of documenting your life.
March 8, 2019

Most of us family photographers start their career as “moms with cameras”, simply photographing our kids. The tricky thing is once you are a commercial photographer in full swing, you seem to not have time to do it any longer. However, this is probably the most rewarding thing to do: documenting our everyday lives „as is“, non-sterilized, serves so many purposes.

To remember, to reflect, to practice, to stay connected, to always be aware, to share with like-minded people. I started my own 365 project this year and not only it brings me a lot of joy, but also allows me to see my life through a lens of utter sincerity. I would have forgotten by now, when the REAL SNOWFALL was this winter, when the chickenpox attacked, how bad was the day when we headed back home from the ski holiday. In a couple of years I will be so grateful I have this visual diary. On the other side, as a photographer, I am practicing to apply different angles and techniques to develop my artistic language. So I would say, go for it.

Join me on my journey, and let’s have a small (or rather big!) exhibition in the end of this precious year.

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